Life Against Isolation Platform presented plan of actions

The third meeting of the Platform was held on 23 April and saw the participation of representatives from KCDK-E, Yaşanacak Dünya, ATİK, TJK-E, HDP Germany, SYKP Europe, ADHK, SKB, AvEGKON, AGİF, HDK Germany.

The meeting criticized that some of the components did not participate in the meeting, in which the past activities were evaluated and activities for the next period were planned. A second meeting will be held with the organisations that did not participate this first meeting. 

The final declaration of the meeting proposed an action plan for the future while at the same time results and shortcomings of the past activities were analysed. 

Among the decision taken are that of a press conference to be organised in Cologne on 29 April; the organisation of a human chain in Düsseldorf on 11 May; a sit-in in front of the European Parliament every Wednesday; actions to break the silence surrounding the hunger strikes to be organised every Tuesday; a letter to deliver everywhere about the hunger strike resistance.