Demo in Stuttgart against the fascist attack in Vienna

“Woman, Life, Freedom” (Jin Jiyan Azadi) and “Long live international solidarity” chanted the demonstrators as they called for a united struggle against fascism and nationalism.

A demonstration was organised in the German city of Stuttgart to protest against the fascist attack in Vienna, Austria.

The demonstration at Schossplatz was joined by ATİF, AGİF, AGEB, ADHK, DİDF, Struggle Union, AABS, SYKP, Zusammen Kâmpfen, Die Linke Kreisverband Stuttgart, SKB, Alınteri, Yeni Kadın, TJK-E, Dersim Construction Congress activists.

A speech made here highlighted the importance of revolutionary solidarity and the common struggle of women in particular in these times of growing nationalism, gender mainstreaming and fascism. A call was made for a joint stand to be taken against fascism all around Europe.

Speakers from AvEG-Kon and ATİK condemned the fascist attacks and called for increased united revolutionary struggle by progressive circles in response to fascist attacks.